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Korean Japchae with Glass Noodles + Shiitake Mushrooms

Street Food Comes Home Streetside stalls. Night markets. Sizzling hot woks. Japchae Glass Noodle Stir Fry is a popular Korean street food. Japchae means mixed vegetables. The hero of our Japchae is earthy shiitake, known as a culinary superfood with a meaty texture and an umami flavor. We've added tender carrots, colorful red bell pepper and two types of onions to the savory, slightly sweet Japchae sauce. When stirred into the mung bean glass noodles, you have a wonderful and satisfying meal.

Thai Red Curry with Vegetables and Jasmine Rice

Thai street food comes home. Steetside stalls. Night markets. Sizzling hot woks. We've recreated authentic Thai Curry, starting with a curry paste made from scratch. We roast aromatic coriander and cumin seeds and finely crush fresh galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime peel, shallots and Thai basil, with fresh and dried chilis. All are simmered in fresh-pressed coconut milk with kaffir lime leaves, julienne bamboo shoots, protein-rich edamame and other tender vegetables. Honor the tradition of savoring Thai red curry with the fragrant Hom Mali jasmine rice included in each meal kit.

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