Privacy Policy

This site ( collects the following information:

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics ( to collect non-personally identifying information on our website visitors, including location (based on IP address), how long you were on the website, which pages you visited, the order of those page visits, how you arrived here (i.e., a Google search, advertisement, email or other means) and additional non-personally identifying information. Your IP address is collected by Google Analytics, however they do not reveal that information to us, and this is the only piece of personally-identifying information that Google tells us that it collects.

Personally Identifying Information

If you complete a form on this website, such as a comment form on a blog post, a contact form or complete a purchase, that information is stored indefinitely in our system, and is considered information that you willingly supplied. This information may include your name, email address, phone number, physical address, and any other information that you specifically type in. We also collect your IP address in an attempt to fight SPAM on this site.

If you would like to have all of your personally identifying information removed, please complete the form below.

Personally Identifying Information Removal

If you would like to have your information removed from this website, and that information we collect via Google Analytics, please submit the form below. The information provided will also be deleted after removal of all other information. Note that if you have an account with our online store, that account -- and your purchase history -- will be deleted as well. This cannot be undone.