Coconut Frosted Frozen Calamansi Limeade

Ohmyyum is all we have to say about this one. Oh. My. Yum.


4-6 Ice Cubes

3/4 Cup Sun Tropics Calamansi Juice

1/4 Cup Sun Tropics NamHom Coconut Water

1 Can Organic Coconut Milk, Chilled


1. Coconut “Frosting”– This is just pure coconut cream. It naturally separates from the coconut oil in chilled canned coconut milk. So simply chill the canned coconut milk, open the can, and spoon the cream off the top. If you prefer a thicker consistency, whip the cream until desired consistency. Save the remaining oil for cooking!

2. Blend Ice, Calamansi Juice, and Coconut Water in a blender until smooth.

3. Pour blended mixture into glass and top with coconut topping.

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