Shamrock Punch Float

Shamrock Punch Float Close-Up

Your tastebuds will be feeling lucky when they taste this deliciously simple treat! This recipe is so great, you’ll want to make it year-round to curb the sweet-tooth a single serving, or multiply it in a punch bowl for as many people as you want to impress!


Equal Parts:

Ginger ale or lemon-lime soda (like Sprite or 7-Up–we used Ginger Ale)
Sun Tropics® Calamansi Lime Nectar
Lime sherbet
*Optional Garnishes: straws, sprinkles, mint leaves, or whatever else sounds fun!


*For this single serving pictured, we used 3/4 cup each of ginger ale, Calamansi Lime Nectar, and lime sherbet (okay, we maaaay have added extra lime sherbet. This recipe can be duplicated using any equal proportions.

  1. Whether creating yours in a single glass or a punch bowl, begin by pouring your chosen amount of ginger ale or lemon-lime soda into the container. If you add it last, you will likely have a Shamrock Punch volcano– it tends to erupt everything when poured on top of the other ingredients!
  2. Next, add the Calamansi Lime Nectar. Make sure to add room for the sherbet– it tends to foam up and expand!
  3. Float the lime sherbet on top of the mixture (feel free to add extra!).
  4. Add a straw (and/or a spoon), and any other garnishes.

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